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About Us

Global Bullion Suppliers champions unrivaled industry prices, quality, and speed of delivery.

The most affordable, efficient, and reliable way of obtaining and storing physical precious metals for collection, investment, trading and savings. Locally and internationally, Global Bullion Suppliers champions unrivalled industry prices, quality, and speed of delivery. State-of-the-art vaulting arrangements allow us to offer equally unmatched price, security, and ease of retrieval.

Our mission is to inspire the precious metals industry through client service and innovation, while supplying all precious metals at prices that won’t be beat.

Global Bullion Suppliers is a direct source provider of bullion to Funds, Wealth Managers, and Private Investors worldwide. As an established international business, our values always come first. Proudly founded in Canada, our aim was to provide people the means to own bullion on their own terms. No middleman, no hassle, and no hidden fees, just better quality at a better price. Globally.

“Prices that won’t be beat.”
“Pride is a commitment to philanthropy and sustainability.”
“Privacy is keeping you confidential and secure.”
“Service is freedom to do business face to face.”
“Security is multi-national shipping and vaulting insured by Lloyd’s of London.”

Through a multi-national scale of operations and Strategic Partnerships, Global Bullion Suppliers has developed the infrastructure needed to instantly and securely supply and vault bullion for investors in 39 countries and growing.