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Social Responsibility

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Preserving Your Environment and Your Peace of Mind.

Committed to the highest standards of Corporate Social Resonsibility

Starting with philanthropy, taken from the Greek words phila and anthropos means a ‘love of mankind, humanity’. In today’s society, companies advance philanthropical causes through corporate social responsibility, something which Global Bullion Suppliers takes very seriously. Corporations play an important role in sustainable community and environmental development. In our oppinion, it fits hand in hand with efficiancy and long-term value.

We've always partnered with organizations renowned for sharing this ideal. For example, Republic Metals Corporation was the first refinery in the United States to receive ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. Sometimes, however, working on the ‘big-picture’ is not enough. In fact, it’s often equally important for companies to take an active partnership in smaller, local projects. Our employees have a long history of working with both large organizations such as Heart & Stroke, and smaller, local initiatives. Combining nternational experience with investment puts us in a position to make tomorrow a better place to live and work.

From educational projects, to outdoor development, GBS rewards and recognizes those employees and partners who continue to be actively engaged in their communities.

...and Sustainable Development

Global Bullion Suppliers is committed to the highest standards of environmental policy. Our policy is only to work with refineries and mints with ISO 14001 certification and recognized as leaders in suitability, for example, by the US Department of Energy. As the world’s most recognized environmental framework, companies registered with ISO 14001:2015 are measured against internationally recognized policies and found to meet or exceed regulation in practice and routine.


Continually striving to reduce our Carbon Footprint, our environmental officer regularly reviews our policies including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Maintaining pollution prevention standards in accordance with Canadian and International regulations.
2. Reducing the usage of paper and investing in renewable and reusable packing and tools.
3. Training all staff according to international regulations in the safe handling and non-wasteful care of bullion and related products.
4. Reducing our use of consumable energy products and that of companies we work with.
5. Asking our clients to partake in non-wasteful bullion management policies.

Global Bullion Suppliers is a member of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and applies stringent testing to make certain that all employees are constantly updated as to the newest methods of sustainable corporate growth.

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