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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Global Bullion was founded by divergent backgrounds endlessly thinking about the same thing: precious metals.

Global Bullion puts real gold and silver in your hands.


We are obsessed with precious metals and are driven to slash prices every chance we get. So how did it all start? After the financial crisis, three big-business insiders had enough of regular people paying top dollar for gold and silver bullion when big-business paid almost nothing over spot.


So in 2013, a respected Canadian entrepreneur, a renegade lawyer, and a chef turned marketing executive committed to taking down gold and silver premiums. They started by supplying the suppliers, and that’s what we still do.


We make sure that every cost is cut because we support your local dealer selling to you as cheap as possible. In late 2017, Global Bullion expanded beyond wholesale and e-commerce. We joined eBay Canada to help so online buyers would have the same opportunity. So far, we lowered premiums over 50%, and we’re just getting started.



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