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Affordable, Efficient and Reliable.

What we do for you

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Global Bullion suppliers is the most affordable, efficient and reliable way of obtaining, and storing physical precious metals for collection, investment, trading, and savings.

Locally and internationally, for both Individuals and Funds, Global Bullion Suppliers champions unrivaled industry prices, quality, and speed of delivery.

At Global Bullion Suppliers, our clients are more than just companies and customers, they are the lifeblood of our business and it is our job to give you the most value in the industry. Our team doesn’t focus on giving you fancy charts you’re probably never going to look at anyways. We focus on the quality and price of bullion we supply, and the peace of mind you have knowing it is wholly insured and protected. Knowing it is always accessible, and always, and only, yours.

As an interested client, your first step is to request an account with GBS. Requesting an account is a free and easy process. We aim to review and process all application within 48 hours of reception. If approved, you will be provided a tailored walkthrough of GBS process. In general, once you have your account information, you must fund your account – numerous options are available – and then call our toll free number, lock in a price or request an order pending a given price, and you receive written confirmation that funds have been removed from your GBS account and that your order has been processed.

Most clients choose to vault their bullion. For a very low cost, your bullion can be vaulted in major cities worldwide, accessible at your convenience, and shown in your online portfolio. Should you prefer, we can ship you bullion to any location via FedEx (under $50,000), or armored truck (over $50,000).