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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions





Is there a minimum or maximum order?

Global Bullion Suppliers is a company built on commitment, dedication, and trust. Every of member of our team has had years of experience in the bullion industry and is trained in the strictest business and environmental practices. All our products are provided directly from associate and full members of the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), COMEX, and the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI).


Where can I store my bullion?

When purchasing bullion, we advise you to vault it in a secure and insured facility. At a minimal cost, this is significantly cheaper, easier, and safer than storing it at home or even at your local bank. That being said, all our bullion is supplied and shipped in damage resistant packing ideal for storage in any type of safe.



Where are we based?

Global Bullion Services was founded and maintains its administrative center of operations in Toronto, Canada.


How can I trust GBS?

Global Bullion Suppliers is a company built on commitment, dedication, and trust. Every member of our team has had years of experience in the bullion industry and is trained in the strictest business and environmental practices. All our products are provided directly from associate and full members of the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), COMEX, and the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI).


Due Diligence

What due diligence do we perform?

We perform basic due diligence on all clients and transactions. This includes monitoring the size and scope of online transactions for fraud using AI technology. It also involves added measures on wholesale accounts. Wholesale due diligence consists of basic information pertaining to invoicing, personal information, legal status, and government issued photo-identification.


Why do I need to provide my information to Global Bullion Suppliers?

In order to comply with the FINTRAC requirements of the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act, GBS goes above and beyond standard requirements to ensure and demonstrate that our clients are never under suspicion of criminal activity, as well as to complete transactions without delay and to the satisfaction of our clients.



What does .99999 fine mean?

The highest standard of Fine precious metals.


When purchasing bullion, is it better to buy bars, coins, or rounds?

The difference between bullion bars, coins, and rounds is that only coins carry a financial (monetary) value, which often adds a premium to the piece. In the end, however, the pivotal difference is an investor’s personal preference. Unlike coins, both bars and rounds can be customized upon request.


How does GBS guarantee the quality of its products?

All our products are produced and, or verified by an associate, full member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), COMEX and the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). Quality is insured by either x-ray analysis or fire assay performed by an ISO 14001 compliant member or LBMA and IPMI.


Why does GBS supply numismatic (rare) coins?

Numismatic, or ‘rare’ coins vary in fine metal content; their price is determined by their scarcity and historic significance. By offering our most valued clients and collectors these pieces at minimal cost, GBS preserves numismatic value otherwise lost in the refining process.



Can I call to lock in a price?

Our website is open 24/7 and as such provides the easiest way to lock in a price. All customers can call us anytime for assistance in making an online order. Wholesale customers can call to lock in a price anytime 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.


How does GBS offer better rates than bullion dealers?

Through a combination of strategic partnerships with companies directly involved in Bullion Exchanges, an international infrastructure, and high volume trading, GBS has priority access to unparalleled prices and reserves of precious metals.


Do taxes apply to bullion purchases in Canada?

No taxes apply in Canada. Any bullion sold meeting the requirement of 99.5% fine gold, or 99.9% fine silver are considered financial instruments under Canadian law and exempt of HST.



What forms of payment does GBS accept?

GBS does not work in cash. Most often, clients pay using cheque, e-transfer, and Interac Online. Wholesale customers and large buyers also find it convenient to pay by wire or bank trasnfer. We can accept other sources of funds, such as pre-cleared (certified) cheques, bank drafts, credit cards, and PayPal. We are happy to provide detailed answers to any questions you may have, so please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.

In the event none of our payment methods are suitable, we would be happy to point you to a dealer who can help.


How do I pay for bullion ordered?

Online orders placed using credit cards, Interac Online, or PayPal on GlobalBullionSuppliers.com and/or eBay.ca are paid on the spot. That is to say, you pay before completing checkout. For all other payment methods on GlobalBullionSuppliers.com you pay after your order is placed.

When you place an order and do not pay in checkout, your invoice will include payment instructions. For instance, please send all e-transfers to pay@globalbullionsuppliers.com and mail all cheques to B01A-14 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 1A9.


What is your policy on Cancellations, Exchanges, Returns and Refunds?

As a company, Global Bullion Suppliers is committed to client satisfaction. Although rare in the precious metals industry, we accept returns on manufacturer-defective products.

Depending on the nature of the issue, we reserve the right to exchange, return, or refund your funds as we see fit. Please remember that our Market Loss policy always applies. You can find our Cancellation and Refund Policies towards the bottom of our Terms of Service page.



Where can I find your Shipping and Delivery Policies?

For detailed information on our Shipping and Delivery policies, please proceed to checkout with your order. You will be provided live pricing using the most competetive rates available to us. You can also check our Shipping Rates page for recent promotions.


What are some examples of common Canadian shipping, handling and insurance charges to major cities?

1 - 10 troy Oz.: $10.00 - $20.00, 11 - 25 troy Oz.: $12.00 - $25.00 , 26 - 50 troy Oz.: $15.00 - $30.00, 51 - 100 troy Oz.: $20.00 - $35.00, 101 - 200 troy Oz.: $20.00 - $40.00, 201 - 500 troy Oz.: $25.00 - $50.00, 501 - 1000 troy Oz.: $35.00 - $70.00, 1001 - 2000 troy Oz.: $80.00 - $150.00


How can I obtain an accurate shipping quote?

Although you will most commonly be quoted along the guidelines above, certain packages have unusual dimensions, and weight fees. In order to account for such cases, you will only be presented a complete shipping quote upon selecting your items and destination.

For international destinations (outside CDA/USA), please call to inquire, 1 (800) 427-4045.

For fraud and AML prevention reasons, GBS may not ship to P.O. boxes.


When will I receive the order?

You should expect delivery time to vary depending on your location and payment method. For example, Bank Wires are the fastest way to pay for your order. Normally, shipments are prepared and shipped within one (1) business day of payment confirmation.

Global Bullion Suppliers guarantees the quality of all shipments. We rely on top-tier couriers such as Canada Post / USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Average shipments take no longer than 1-4 business days, but may take up to 10 for more remote locations. When commercially feasible, we email you a tracking number when the shipment is sent. You should expect to be asked to sign upon delivery.


You should expect:

- For Bank Wires, Credit Card, Interac e-trasnfer, Interac Online, and PayPal Orders: It usually takes 1 business day after payment for us to see your payment as processed.

- For Bank Drafts, Cheques, and Money Orders: It usually takes 5-10 business days for us to see your payment as processed and cleared.


What will my order look like?

All shipments are carefully prepared under video to maximize security and discretion. This usually means a small, tape-reinforced box wrapped in a discreet sleeve, and addressed to you.


Are shipments insured?

Global Bullion Suppliers's insurance policy covers all packages in transit. You accept full liability if you have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels un-attended for you without the need for a signature. You will also be made responsible if you have given them instructions to leave your package with someone else such as a building manager, neighbour, or a drop-off location such as Mail Boxes etc.


Does GBS back-order products?

Due to the nature of the precious metals industry, supply-side issues may occasionally arise. Should the situation occur, where we have more orders placed than inventory available, we reserve the right to delay delivery up to 30 days (from your expected shipping date) to fill your order. You don’t need to worry about prices rising, as you’ve already locked a price in.

We will deliver your bullion (non-numismatic) product within 30 days. If you ordered a numismatic or supply item by phone or from GlobalBullionSuppliers, which has previously been sold or we are out of stock on, we will either place it on back order, attempt to locate another, or a refund will be given. Should the value of your items decrease in that time period, you will not be entitled to any market gain.



Can I personally retrieve my bullion from vaults?

Yes, retrieving your physical bullion is a simple and effortless process. You can retrieve your bullion at any time. Simply provide us your account information and we will assist you in scheduling an appointment with the vaulting facility at your time of choice.


Does GBS offer a vaulting service?

Yes. We provide access to state-of-the-art, international storage facilities, complete with the latest security features and insured by Lloyd's of London. These facilities are complemented by specialized response systems and physical surveillance.