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Custom Bullion Minting Services and Solutions

Defining an Industry.

Global Bullion Suppliers can help you create any custom piece. We strive to meet the needs of our clients and our technical team is happy to accommodate any design requests. All customizations can be finalized before forming the bullion, ensuring optimal quality and prestige. As well, we offer a service to engrave and, or mark bars, as well as to customize packing. With direct access to refinery experts in the fields of modelling and tooling, your result is exquisite bullion pieces that make lasting impressions.

Commonly encountered customizers of bullion are:

  • - Auctions, charities, and interest groups.
  • - Artists and jewellers with prepared designs.
  • - Collectors and Investors are interested in owning unique pieces.
  • - Corporate and personal marketing users.
  • - Private Funds interested in marking their own reserve.

One of the most encountered customizations is the affixation of a Corporate Logo onto a bar meant for future re-sale or gift.

Before customized bullion is complete, you decide on the finish, edge, and serial number. For example, a bar could be finished to proof with lettering on the edges, and a serial number on the face. For more detailed timing and costs, please contact us by email or phone.