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Gold & Silver Marketing

Gold & Silver Marketing

Global Bullion is your full-service Gold and Silver marketing solution.

Businesspeople throw out business cards all the time, especially unsolicited ones; they're a dime a dozen. But you're not any businessperson. You understand this and want to stay top of mind.

What we all know is that none of us throw out is money, and Global Bullion can make your business card money. And then, we can hand it out for you.




We use Gold and Silver to market businesses in a radically powerful way.



A Business Card that People Keep

You show us the businessperson who would throw out a piece of gold or silver and we'll show you a business that won't last very long. While gold if often the gold standard in terms of nice to look at, most of our clients find that they get a lot more bang out of silver. Why? Silver is comparatively cheap. Over 75x cheaper, in fact. As such, it makes a very cost-effective way to get your name out there. And once it's out there, it's there to stay. Our experience is that custom gold and silver advertising is only sold on the passing of an estate. Yes, we are biased, but you name a cheaper way to leave a permanent positive impression and point of contact for 100 people for–at the time of writing– $2,000? Sure, you could go buy pens for $5.00 a piece, but how long would they last? The next generation seem unlikely...



Don't Stress, We Take Care of All the Promotion

With Global Bullion, you can make as many or as few Gold and Silver marketing materials as your budget and needs demand. And we give them out on your behalf, according to a marketing plan that we put together with you. For instance, you might have us personally deliver or courier shipments to a list of your preferred customers, or hottest leads during the holiday season. And then you can say to us that you want to give some out yourself at an upcoming tradeshow. That's no problem because (a) minting more is easy, (b) Gold and Silver don't expire, and (c) they don't take up huge amounts of shelf space. Moreover, you can even change up the packaging as often as you need.




How Does it Work? Global Bullion's Process in Three Steps.

1. Create a Bullion Marketing & Advertising Plan

2. Manage the Manufacturing Process

3. Deliver the Promotional Materials




Step 1: We use Gold and Silver as Tools to Make Your Name Stick in Your Industry and with Your Clients



Step 2: You Get a Choice of Globally-Renowned Mints. We make sure they do the job right.