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Global Bullion incorporates a direct an active role in precious metals refining. 


Our industry-leading refining partner's facility utilizes state-of-the art technology to offer larger, faster. Incorporating advanced, proprietary processes, we strive to pay more than competitors by increasing standards of speed and cost effectiveness, while minimizing our environmental impact. All refining is performed in ISO 14001 accredited facilities, awarded distinction by the US Department of Energy.


Our private and commercial services focus on innovation, and aiming to reduce the total refining process time, facility environmental policy has minimized scrubbing and chemical costs, further increasing client payouts.


Advanced technology is employed to avoid the need for pre-treatment measures, as utilized by the dangerous Miller Process, meaning a safer facility for both employees and the environment. Ultra-efficient refining circuits also remove reliance on the inefficient and Time-consuming Wohlwill Process. This avoids unnecessary capital hold-ups and enables rapid settlements.


Cumulatively, these practices enable the production of the highest grade precious metals in the world at the lower costs, including 99.999% gold. Big or small, our promise to you, is a bigger faster payout.



GBS Accepts the Following Precious Metal Materials:
  • Coins / Bars / Ingots
  • Jewelry Scrap
  • Manufacturing Scrap / By-Products
  • Sweeps, Powders
  • Polishing(s)
  • Fillings, Sludge
  • Crucibles



Precious Metals Accepted and Priced:
  • Au (Gold)
  • Ag (Silver)
  • Pt (Platinum)
  • Pd (Palladium)
  • Rh (Rhodium)




Click here for Global Bullion's refining account application, shipping labels, and other refining documents.