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Armored Delivery

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To protect your peace of mind

Armored Delivery Services

The Basics

To ensure the maximum amount of safety of our products, both internationally and locally, all deliveries and movements of bullion are shipped in industry leading armored trucks. Fully integrated and secure, this delivery system establishes risk-free protection for door-to-door deliveries anywhere in the world. Full and limited liability transportation are offered on all deliveries of bullion and coin, along with evidences of insurance available on request.

When we would recommend

Generally, we recommend shipping most bullion orders in excess of USD $75,000 by Armored Delivery. Specifically, outside of Australia, Canada, the USA, the EU, and select other countries. To be diligent, if you consider yourself in a high-risk area anywhere in the world, we would recommend speaking to a GBS representative before making a decision.

Who do we use?

We have a long-standing relationship with Malca-Amit, and highly recommend their services, worldwide. We’ve never been disappointed.

Can I use someone else?

Absolutely. We can arrange delivery by a number of international companies including Brinks, or Incas.

What is the cost?

Although extensive and more secure, Armoured Delivery is actually much more affordable than most people would imagine. Principally, this comes down to the exponentially increasing insurance costs of international shipping of your package, which kicks in after about $75,000 with most standard carriers..

Give us a call today at 1-800-427-4045, extension 4 to learn more about Armored Delivery Services, or send us an email at shipping@globalbullionsuppliers.com.