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Vaulting Solutions

Vault in secured and insured storage facilities.

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Why Vault Bullion with GBS?

All short and long-term vaulting is done in secure storage facilities wholly insured up to $1.2 billion by Lloyd’s of London. With cutting edge technology and software, you can track your bullion en route to and between vaults, such as our vault in Toronto, Canada. Our vaulting partner, is world renowned in shipping and vaulting abilities. All vaulting includes priority services such as the tracking of all bullion by serial number.

As an account holder with Global Bullion Suppliers, you also have access to international free zone vaults in:

- Hong Kong, China
- London, United Kingdom
- New York, United States of America
- The Republic of Singapore
- Zurich, Switzerland

Designed to save you duty, export, shipping, and transportation costs, these free zones have the added benefit of holding your assets in a secure location with instant international transportation available.

Each of these facilities is renowned for inventory management and security. For example, the London facility is the only commercial facility in the UK that meets Grade XII (EX) (CD) and EN 1143 levels of security.

How do I vault Bullion with GBS?

1. Vaulting Bullion with Global Bullion Suppliers is simple, easy, and guarantees the safety of your bullion at a significantly cheaper cost than storing it yourself.
2. You may also be able to avoid customs and or tax/tariff fees by vaulting at a freezone vault.
3. We will automatically transfer your bullion to a vault or FreeVault of your choice upon completion of your order.
4. You will be able to access, inspect, and remove your bullion at any given time should you decide to do so.

To learn more about the benefits of vaulting with Bullion Vaulting at Global Bullion Suppliers, please contact us anytime.