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Wholesale is unrivalled industry prices, quality, and speed of delivery.

The most affordable, efficient, and reliable way of obtaining and storing physical precious metals for collection, investment, trading and savings. Locally and internationally, Global Bullion Suppliers champions unrivalled industry prices, quality, and speed of delivery. State-of-the-art vaulting arrangements allow us to offer equally unmatched price, security, and ease of retrieval.

Our mission is to inspire the precious metals industry through client service and innovation, while supplying all precious metals at prices that won’t be beat.

Global Bullion Suppliers is a direct source provider of bullion to Funds, Wealth Managers, and Private Investors worldwide. As an established international business, our values always come first. Proudly founded in Canada, our aim was to provide people the means to own bullion on their own terms. No middleman, no hassle, and no hidden fees, just better quality at a better price. Globally.

“Prices that won’t be beat.”
“Pride is a commitment to philanthropy and sustainability.”
“Privacy is keeping you confidential and secure.”
“Service is freedom to do business face to face.”
“Security is multi-national shipping and vaulting insured by Lloyd’s of London.”

Through a multi-national scale of operations and Strategic Partnerships, Global Bullion Suppliers has developed the infrastructure needed to instantly and securely supply and vault bullion for investors in 39 countries and growing.

Absolute Quality

All precious metals available through Global Bullion Suppliers are distinctly and universally recognized as symbols of product integrity, excellence in production, and quality. GBS works to supply products recognized worldwide by the International Standards Organization’s comprehensive quality and environmental accolades, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, respectively.

Products Available

We offer a variety of high quality Bullion Products in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. From Bars, Ingots, Coins, and Rounds of sizes, to Gold and Silver Grain, and rare numismatic pieces, GBS is ready to help you find the Bullion tailored to your needs. In doing so, our goal is to help you buy Bullion at the absolute best price, anywhere.

For more information on our Bullion Products, please see our complete Gold, Silver, and Platinum Retail Product List.

Once you have your account active, you can request a number of specific products such as a 500oz bullion dealer’s package by calling our toll free number, or by e-mailing your question to info@globalbullionsuppliers.com.

All affiliate products are minted and certified by ISO and LBMA accredited facilities in the USA.

Did you know that Global Bullion Suppliers offers all standard gold bullion sizes in 99.99 and 99.999 fineness at a fraction of the price other bullion dealers charge? Call us at 1 (800) 427-4045 today for more information!

As well as uniquely low prices, affiliated bars are fully customizable and offered in sizes including:

- 1g/5g/10g/20g/50 g Gold Ingots
- 1oz & 10oz Gold Ingots
- 100oz & 400oz Gold Bars
- 500oz Dealer Box
- 1Kg Gold Bar
- 1Kg Gold Grain
- 1oz Silver Ingot or Round
- 10oz Silver Ingot
- 100oz Silver Bar
- 1000oz Silver Bar
- 1Kg Silver Bar
- 1Kg Silver Grain

Good delivery gold and silver

Global Bullion Suppliers is pleased to offer its clients the ability to own Good Delivery Bars. Established by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the Good Delivery system consists of a standardized set of rules by the LBMA to describe the physical settlement in the sale of Gold and Silver on the London Bullion market. Each bar is marked with a given:

(a) Fineness and Weight
(b) Year of production
(c) Serial number
(d) Assay stamp of refiner and Serial Number

For additional questions, please call us at 1-800-GBS-4045, or email us at info@globalbullionsuppliers.com.