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Precious Metal Dealers

Global Bullion Suppliers continues to provide some of the most competitive wholesale rates to precious metal dealers, anywhere. Our dealer accounts are built to give you all the integrated benefits of an online system, from placing the orders themselves, to customized market updates.

Some of the unique benefits of working with GBS are that we have no minimum orders, free local pick up, and a range of trading services such a ‘good-‘til-cancelled’ orders, and near-market buyback policies.

As a Dealer, you will be assigned a unique reference number that you can use to place discount orders by telephone, arrange custom drop shipping options, and pick up orders from a local vault.

How do I become a Dealer with Global Bullion Suppliers?

Step 1: Create and verify your GBS Account.
Step 2: Call GBS and request a dealer application.
Step 3: Return your application.
Step 4: Receive Dealers Status.

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- Integrated Online System
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