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Industry Leaders

The acquisition and vaulting Precious Metals can be an effortless, simple process of preserving and accumulating wealth.

Central to why Global Bullion Suppliers was established is the fact that you deserve the means to invest in physical, tangible Precious Metals, without paying hefty fees or commissions. We will always take the time to address any and all of your questions about our Gold and other precious metals. We are also always looking to improve our services, so shipping and vaulting questions are more than welcome as well.

GBS is an industry leader because we offer the lowest prices, personalized service, and the highest quality of Bullion and Precious Metals products. From secure and traceable door-todoor delivery to 99.999% Fine Gold, our clients are the priority. That’s why we have never lost one, and further encourage all feedback in an effort to maximize your experience.

Asset & Portfolio Managers, we want to help you help your clients.

Asset and Fund Management is neither easy nor stress-free. Our objective is to help you build the long-term growth your clients seek. How we do that is simple: exclusively low premiums on Comex and LBMA approved bullion.

To better protect you and your clients, Global Bullion Suppliers will only store your precious metals with LBMA certified vaults. Moreover, you can choose from a range of international free-zone vaults and move assets at your discretion.

Security & Piece of Mind

Advanced and ultra-secure storage facilities, all of which are available globally, guarantee your and your clients' peace of mind. Large, or individual, volumes; long, or even short term, these state-of-the-art vaults and logistical facilities deliver recognized, global surveillance and response time.

Rest assured knowing that a comprehensive network of IT and physical security measures accredited by the LBMA, and tailored to your needs as a fund manager or participant, ensure the highest level of security, no-fee access, allocation, and retrieval of your products.

Buy Back Policy

As an industry-leading provider of full service precious metals, Global Bullion Suppliers works to stand by the buy back of vaulted products at or near spot price.

We believe in achieving the highest level of client satisfaction, and providing all of our clients absolute peace of mind. We understand that as a fund manager or investor, you need to know that you can re-sell your gold at any given time, no matter where its vaulted.

That is why Global Bullion Suppliers is willing pre-arrange agreements, certifying the buyback of all affiliated product vaulted with GBS at or near spot price.


Financial Institutions and Advisors

As a wealth manager, you are directly responsible for making certain that the volatility of worldwide markets does not affect the growth and preservation of your clients’ net worth.

What does Global Bullion Suppliers offer?

To the financial advisor, institutional investor, and wealth manager, we are here to help you build a diversified, recession-proof, and asset portfolios through:

- Prices on precious metals and vaulting that just won’t be beat.
- Access to an international and fully customizable selection of Bars, Coins, Ingots, and Rounds.
- Risk-free, fully allocated precious metals bars (individually certified).
- The ultimate security of your client’s assets available internationally with advanced vaults at Grade XII (Ex) (CD) and EN 1143 levels of security.
- The ability to efficiently move your client’s assets between state-of-the-art vaults located within international freeports, customs and tariff-free.
- An effortless, and completely integrated international logistics network.
- No-worry, no-hassle buyback agreements and options available.
- Extended daily hours of operation after the London Bullion Market close, including Saturdays.
- Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium sourced directly from Comex, and LBMA approved refineries recognized by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

And to the wealth management client who wants exactly that,

- The knowledge that your cost of acquisition is the lowest there is to be.
- The knowledge that your assets are owned directly and solely by you.
- The knowledge that your assets are, wholly insured to full value by Lloyd’s of London, and accessible and deliverable to you at any time.
- The knowledge that your assets can be easily moved internationally, and between freeports in major cities such as Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore, and Zurich.

Global Bullion Suppliers offers you absolute quality, absolute service, and prices that won’t be beat.


To learn more about how GBS can help you, call us to book an appointment today at: 1 (800) 427-4045.