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Private Investors

Working for Private Clients and thier Representatives

No matter your goals, you have an interest in preserving, as well as growing your wealth.

“The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race.” - Gerald M. Leob, founding partner of E.F. Hutton & Co.

Global Bullion Suppliers is always committed to achieving distinction in customer satisfaction. GBS was founded on the understand that every client is first and foremost a valued stakeholder, so we encourage and welcome any constructive feedback.Our easy to use MyPortfolio online system, allows you to monitor and review your account and transaction history. As well, you have access to our continuously updated MyVault Inventory System feature displaying all the information from the serial number to the physical vault location of your bullion vaulted through us.We are constantly and dynamically working to improve your experience, as well as our selection of retail products. Currently, Global Bullion Suppliers is developing a personalized e-bullion marketplace system that will further innovate the precious metals industry and further define our low prices.

Sophisticated investors are normally capable of managing their own assets.

When it comes to precious metals, Global Bullion Suppliers can help you cut out the middleman. For an individual investor, successfully meeting your goals is tied into executing and organized and informed plan, and protecting your investments through networks and systems you can trust.

GBS offers distinct advantages for individual investors that can help you put more metal (and money) in your pocket – rather than Wall Street’s (or Bay Street’s in Toronto). GBS allows you to move your metal investment portfolio physically across the world, and liquidate your assets at the ease of a phone call. As an individual investor, GBS gives you more short and long-term control in both a legal and equitable sense.

The BIG things:

Price. That won’t be beat.

Service. Where you are a priority.

No Strings Attached. None. We don’t like string. Who even uses that stuff anymore?

Especially No Hidden Fees. You get a full cost breakdown before any and every order.

…and everything else also:

  • A dedicated local support staff
  • Fast, Insured, and Track-able shipping
  • LBMA & COMEX certified products
  • No minimum orders
  • And much more! Try us out today and discover an experience tailored to you.

At GBS we value every customer, regardless of your order size.Have a question? Or just want to double-check the availability of your favorite bar? Call us today at 1-800-427-4045, or email us at info@globalbullionsuppliers.com

At GBS, the experience is built around you; we’re just here to help.